Immaterial Agents

SOUND OF ASPHALT by Yngve Kveine published by Kovacnica Prica in Serbia

"The debut novel of Yngve Kveine is a text from Oslo East in the eighties and nineties, all the time with the sound of Jokke & Valentines as a musical backdrop. Funny. Raw. Touching" Ingvar Ambjørnsen, author

"Sound of Asphalt oozes vitality. With Yngve Kveine's pen, this becomes powerful reading!" Geir Tangen, author

"This is Lars Saabye Christensen on steroids, it is told by an author who is a master in narrative craftmanship" Agderposten, Norway

"It seems almost magical what the author is doing here, the words become pictures and we see that's how it has been [...] Like the youth in the book are outsiders, this coming of age novel is also an outsider" Lillehammer Byavis, 6/6