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German rights for Vitality Brook by Bergsveinn Birgisson acquired by Residenz Verlag

VITALITY BROOK preempted by Residenz Verlag!

German rights sold in a pre emptive deal to Residenz Verlag for Bergsveinn Birgisson´s  new novel Vitality Brook.

Vitality Brook is published by Bjartur, Iceland, later this year.

Birgisson uses a historical frame, a dramatic period in Iceland where volcanoes were erupting over a long period, making the conditions unliveable for the inhabitants. Denmark sends a scientist, Magnus Aurelius Egede, to investigate the conditions of living- and to prepare for all working able bodies to be transported to Denmark.

Magnus has many a dramatic adventure. On one of his expeditions he gets severely wounded when attacked by a polar bear in the West Fiords. Sesselja, his new found love, decides to bring Magnus water from Vitality Brook, water that will heal him…

Birgisson discusses elegantly science, faith, and who can decide the value of a habitat in his last novel.