Bad Scientists

Enrico Bucci

Deceit in scientific research

Science is being ruined by more and more dishonest researchers – and if we will allow this, it will be very hard to step back.

“When I started my business in biomedical data analysis, I was fully convinced that Science was able to autocorrect itself – and researchers as a community were motivated into telling the truth

In Science, every researcher build upon trusted results obtained by others; which was exactly what I wanted to do, crossing data from different sources and finding new potential answers to scientific problems using the power of informatics to get it quick and easy.

It then came as a shock to me, when with my group and armed with the proper technology, we discovered that, far from being an exception, the three cardinal sins of scientific frauddata and experiment fabrication, falsification and plagiarism – are largely diffuse in the current scientific record, at such a rate that scientific fraud is becoming a serious issue. I started writing to scientific journals, to uncover potential frauds, ending up involving the police for investigating some serious cases.

While fraud in science is not a new thing nor unexpected, the scale at which today is occurring is previ- ously unseen. That is why several brave scientists scattered in different countries decided to risk their professional lives and act in several ways – from uncovering frauds, to testifying in public prosecution cases, up to attempting to change national and international regulations.

I think that all of us should know what is going on – what are we risking, who are the fraudsters, what we can do and what responsibility every single citizen has in knowing what Science really is – and what is not.”

Enrico Bucci, born in 1972, graduated in Biology in 1997. In 2001 he became a researcher at the Institute of Biostructure and Bioimaging of the CNR (Naples). In 2006 he founded Bionucleon Srl, a specialised company which won the “Best Young and Innovative Italian Company” award. In 2008 he set up Biodigitalvalley, a company dedicated to the large-scale analysis of the biomedical data published all over the world.