Doom in the Deep

In February 1968, in a howling -10°C gale from the North Pole, fishermen fought desperately for their lives, hacking at the deadly ice that coated their vessels. Visibility was almost nil and communications only intermittent.

When a wave swamped the Hull trawler Ross Cleveland, she foundered in minutes. It was reported she had gone down with all hands. Yet thirty-six hours later First Mate Harry Eddom was found alive, after an incredible ordeal. Swept around all night in the raging sea in a life raft with the bodies of two dead shipmates, he finally made land on a remote shore. After walking miles over rock and scree in a near-deserted fjord, he took shelter by an uninhabited cabin for a second long, cold night, until a young shepherd lad chanced upon him. Harry Eddom’s “return from the dead” made international news headlines.

Meanwhile, an Icelandic fishing vessel was missing too, and a Grimsby trawler, the Notts County, had run aground. Icelandic Coastguards risked their lives on a tiny rafts in the deadly conditions to rescue eighteen men off the stranded vessel.

Óttar Sveinsson’s vivid account is based on contemporary reports and interviews with the participants in those tragic and heroic events, including a world exclusive interview with sole survivor. Harry Eddom.

It is a story of incomparable courage and heroism, of disaster and despair: an unforgettable tribute to the spirit and hardihood of these brave men …

Magnus Magnusson, KBE (BBC – Mastermind)

I was so impressed and moved by it. Congratulations on such a great piece of work

Rupert Creed – author and BBC broadcaster

It is a marvellous book.

Patricia Eve – Seafarer Books