Fiasol in the nook

Winner of the IBBY Awards
Book 2 in the series

Eight independent stories on the everyday life of the suburbia kid, Fiasól. In this book she is seven going on eight. She battles the monsters in her room, tiny floor ghosts under her bed, fury monsters in her toy boxes and the blue demons in the window sill. Most of the time imagination gets the best of Fíasól. She has problems with the yule lads who put stuff in kids shoes in windows during december. She hikes a mountain, has problems sitting still, goes on a long bus ride alone with her best friends, rescues an injured bird and deals with boredom at home during a teachers strike when mom plays cards and has the losers do chores around the house.

The stories are exceptionally fun and educational

5/5 stars, Morgunbladid, Iceland