Fíasól the fearless leader

Storystone Award of IBBY

Book 6
Full English translation

Fíasól is ten years old. Jensina the lazy lap dog dies. They adopt a terrified sheepdog. Fíasól reports her parents to the Ombudsman of Children for not allowing her to spend her hard earned money for forestry at her grandparents as she pleases. She founds a rescue squad for kids who are in trouble, be it big or small, and need help. She becomes a mediator for the Ombudsman.  She goes to a funeral with her grandparents who go to way too many funerals. She helps the power girl get her life back from her divorced parents, misplaces a math test and the tiny tiger moves in, a small alley cat that needs help but turns out to be a serial killer with a track record of several birds a day. This book is about children’s rights with Fíasól´s approach and written with research from the Ombudsman of Children in Iceland and in cooperation with him.

Kristín Helga Gunnarsdóttir is one of Iceland´s most beloved writers of childrens’ fiction. Her novels combine engaging characters and wonderful storylines that children love. Her best known character, Fíasól, is the most outstanding and most fun character in modern day icelandic children´s fiction. The Fiasól books therefore come highly recommended.

Yrsa Sigurdardottir, author

Fíasól is one of the coolest little girls in the world. And probably the most fun! Girl-power in the form of a superfun nine year old. Fíasól is energetic, funny and adorable

Lilja Sigurdardottir, author

Kristín Helga is an excellent writer who writes her books with enthusiasm and understanding. Fíasól is a character that no one forgets who once has had the honor of getting to know her

Jon Gnarr, author and comedian, former mayor of Reykjavik

It is so marvellous when books appeal to children and parents alike. When reading to my son and two daughters before they were old enough to read for themselves, our first choice would always be books by Kristín Helga Gunnarsdottir, especially about the impish and delightful Binna and Fíasól

Vilborg Davidsdottir, author.

Not only is the delightful world of Fíasól great fun- but at its core is a girl with the heart of a lion. Be it victims of bullying, anxious animals or simply the right to dream - Fíasól is there at the ready to champion for all

Carly May Bornström, script writer/director, Germany

Fiasol is beautifully written, the characters are endearing, and the character of Fiasol in particular is captivating…We are…very happy for the opportunity to introduce the Israeli reader to the fascinating and special Icelandic literature and culture.

Michal Bloom, Accquiring editor, Sifriat Poalim, Israel