Fiasol on the go

Winner of the IBBY Awards
Book 3

Nine independent stories on Fíasól. Here she is eight years old and going on nine. She has a system where you can hold her finger and make a wish- guaranteed that they will come true- but the wish has of course to be within the boundaries of reason- she cant handle world peace or complicated big wishes. After all she’s just a kid. She orders a web buttler (on the radio) to the house while her mom is sick in bed and dad is not at home.  She holds a flea market, almost meets the president of Iceland whom she is very interested in, writes a nasty story for school on poop and pee, deals with money problems and travels to Copenhagen where she fools grandma into going on the roller coaster and gets herself into trouble at the amusement park when she loses her hat.


The stories are exceptionally fun and educational

5/5 stars Morgunbladid, Iceland