Fiasol, the master of green power

Winner of IBBY awards
Book 5

Here Fíasól is nine going on ten. These are seven independent stories on the everyday of Fíasól. A trip to the pool in the countryside with the sisters, the grandparents and best friend Ingo where everybody gets injured in the pool. A bizarre encounter with pirates who take over the street that ends up being a silly dream after the craziest adventure. Dad accidentally attacking an actor who tries to startle him at a ghost museum, the brilliant yule lads that Fiasol makes do math and answer questions when they visit to put something in the shoe during the night. Fíasól and her Machine Free Day where she can not use any machine or eat anything that comes out of a machine. It is the most difficult day of the year for the family. No electricity and no appliances, no cars and no power tools. Fíasól loves camping and dismantles her bed, puts up a tent and makes a campsite inside her room.

Fiasol is beautifully written, the characters are endearing, and the character of Fiasol in particular is captivating…We are…very happy for the opportunity to introduce the Israeli reader to the fascinating and special Icelandic literature and culture.

Michal Bloom, Accquiring Editor, Sifriat Poalim, Israel