La guerriera dagli occhi verdi

A Green-eyed warrior: The life and death of Avesta Harun, the Kurdish woman who challenged the Caliphate .

“Marco Rovelli is a musician, writer, poet and scholar able to dissect the facts in order to create a faithful fresco of the time, but he is also and above all able to transcend it, to go beyond it. And when reality is transformed into literature, when the story of a woman becomes the subject for a novel, her history and her struggle are indelibly etched onto the psyche of our current world, even if the newspapers no longer mention this story, even if television shows transmit other struggles, even if we will hear the Kurds spoken of only when the PKK will take revenge for new attacks. Marco Rovelli has given a voice to a unique story and in so doing has destined it to become part of history. This is the extraordinary power of the “non-fiction novel” whose purpose is not only literary, but also and above all, social.” – Roberto Saviano, author of Gomorra

The heroines of our time: in the fight of the Kurds against ISIS, women feature prominently on the front lines.

Marco Rovelli traveled to Turkish and Iraqi Kurdistan, meeting relatives of Avesta Harun, living with her companions, and following in her footsteps to the Mexmur camp.

In September 2014 the face of Avesta Harun, the Kurdish commander who fell in the battle against ISIS, was seen all over the world. This book tells the story of her life: her childhood with her family in Turkish Kurdistan and the oppression of her ethnic minority by the government; the choice of her brother, Harun, to join the partisan fight; his death and Avesta’s decision to take his place and fight in his name. Her final moment of courage is on the mountain of Qandil alongside the men and women with whom Avesta prepared guerrilla actions and military exercises that preceded their attack against ISIS. The entire history of the Kurds is played out in the story of Avesta, woven from individual and collective tales which begin separately but come together in the final epilogue, the liberation of the Mexmur camp where Avesta met her demise.

MARCO ROVELLI is a musician, songwriter and playwright. He has published books in Italy with Feltrinelli, Laterza and BUR. Among his most recent titles are: Eravamo come voi. Storie di ragazzi che scelsero di resistere and La meravigliosa vita di Jovica Jovic, written with Moni Ovadia.