Hildegard I

She began having visions at just three years old: a thin little red-haired child, who both moved and terrified her mother. In Hildegard, Anne Lie Marstrand-Jørgensen tells the story of this strange girl with a sixth sense, who was sent into isolation in a convent as an eight-year-old, but who slowly frees herself from this lonely existence

Hildegard is a literary portrait of one of history’s most fascinating female characters, and a modern existential novel about some of the basic categories of existence: faith and doubt, knowledge and uncertainty, love and abandonment.

The novel won Weekendavisen’s Literature Prize in 2009, and is a best seller in Denmark, having sold over 30 000 copies.

A genuinely original historical novel, which does something completely new with the material.

Jury, Weekendsavisen’s Literature Award 2009