Hildegard II

In the previous novel we followed Hildegard from her childhood and throughout her isolated convent life in Diodisenberg – until, at 49, she was given permission by the Pope to tell the world about the strange visions that overwhelmed her.

In the second volume, the adult Hildegard faces challenges she doesn’t know if she can overcome. What will she do when the shining light asks her to break down? How will she, having hardly strayed beyond the walls of Diodisenberg since she was a child, manage to build a convent of her own? How can she leave the people she loves the most, the monk, Volmar, and her beloved nun, Richardis? And how will she fine her own voice? The Night and the Light is an ambiguous and challenging existential novel about a woman who continues to fascinate us through centuries.

A theological superstar. This is a worthy conclusion to a monumental work on 12th century Europe’s most famous woman.

Maria Åolilja Rø, Adresseavisen

An exceptionally rich book. It is a tearing reading experience, a great novel (...) that makes sharp critics think that no better books are written in Denmark at the moment.

Vårt Land, Norway