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MARGRET DAGMAR ERICSDOTTIR is an ordinary person that fate handed an extraordinary situation to deal with. I Am Real is her recount of the ordeal and it reads as a thriller, a fight between life and death.

The reader is taken along on the rollercoaster ride that Margret had to endure and gets to relive the pain and the joy along the way. It is a story about an unusual life experience, but one that can befall anyone at any time.

The book connects well with the current global situation where people are dealing with unprecedented challenges, uncertainty and pain in a way that the world has not seen for decades.

Margret, a mother of three, fought impossible odds with boundless love, persistent courage, positivity and perseverance as she embarked on a life changing mission for her youngest son – and the whole family – where no sacrifice was too great.

I Am Real has both highs and lows in abundance. Despite being heart wrenching and difficult at times, it is also funny and bright, showering the reader with hope, wisdom and above all showing the strength of love and perseverance, culminating in a real life Hollywood ending, quite literally.

This memoir is inspiring and an empowering book, showing people of all walks of life how to deal with adversity. It is a universal story that could happen anywhere. It demonstrates how the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts, how true girl power can be harnessed for great outcomes and that life ́s adventures are sometime better than any that can be made up in Hollywood.

My darling, wonderful Margret...
I don’t know where to begin. Thank you. You have changed my life... There are many things we experience as human beings that empower and change us - if we let ourselves change. Your story empowers me as a mom and as a human being. Thank you for letting me change. You are the magical one. You are the best mother in the world... I learn from you, every day. In so many ways.
I love you. Now, lets keep on going!

Academy awarded actor Kate Winslet

The story of Margrét; the woman who fought heroically for her son; opened doors that everyone thought were closed; a story that has always touched my heart; amazing and breathtaking. The story of Margaret’s triumphs brings joy in hard times; it is candid, genuine and convincing that in all lives there is power and ability. Reading this book empowered me and makes us better persons.

Dorritt Moussaieff, former first lady of Iceland

One of the most moving books being published this year is definitely I AM Real by Margret Dagmar Ericsdottir. The book is about her fight for her son, Keli, who is now 22 years old. This is a book everyone should read.

Hringbraut TV

The right attitude makes all the difference in life. I Am Real, by Margret Dagmar Ericsdottir is a book about the right attitude. About never giving up and always hanging onto hope, no matter what. Margret has abundant patience, perseverance and unfaltering belief that she will reach her goal. This is a book that speaks to everyone, not least young people that are starting out in life, establishing a family and chasing their dreams and ambitions. It shows that you can never take life for granted.