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I AM REAL recounts in a very heartfelt manner how deep a mother ́s love for her offspring is and it shows that no power on earth is a match for the determination and strong headedness rooted in the care of a mother. After the first few years that brought the family to the brink of destruction, there is finally a let up and things start to move in the right direction. We learn how Margret is able to turn an adverse situation to her advantage and completely change the outlook and quality of life for her son. It is a book about triumph, determination and love. It is about how you deal with challenges that life throws your way, both the sweet and the sour and so it appeals to everyone, since we all have our share of the hard knocks of life. It demonstrates the importance of having the right attitude to make the best out of every situation. It shows that with determination and positive attitude of never giving up and to refuse defeat, you can turn any situation around and make that ‘mission impossible’, possible. This is a very strong and empowering story that speaks to any reader.

My darling, wonderful Margret...
I don’t know where to begin. Thank you. You have changed my life... There are many things we experience as human beings that empower and change us - if we let ourselves change. Your story empowers me as a mom and as a human being. Thank you for letting me change. You are the magical one. You are the best mother in the world... I learn from you, every day. In so many ways.
I love you. Now, lets keep on going!

Academy awarded actor Kate Winslet

The story of Margrét; the woman who fought heroically for her son; opened doors that everyone thought were closed; a story that has always touched my heart; amazing and breathtaking. The story of Margaret’s triumphs brings joy in hard times; it is candid, genuine and convincing that in all lives there is power and ability. Reading this book empowered me and makes us better persons.

Dorritt Moussaieff, former first lady of Iceland