Mine number 13

Book one with Frank Halvorsen and his special force FSK-ALPHA

In the Barents Ocean, a Norwegian fishing boat crashes with an unknown vessel. A few hours later, Norwegian intelligence catches an unidentified radio signal, and the defense puts its special soldiers in level highest awareness. For Lieutenant Frank Halvorsen in the Armed Forces Special Command, it all seems like a test, but he could not be more wrong.

In Svalbard, the glacier guide Elisabeth Tinde has been given the task of bringing two scientists safely to a closed and deserted mine. Little does she know about what secrets this mine is hiding.

Mine 13 is an obsessive and action-packed thriller where action takes place in a few hectic days, and where the unclear enemy image puts Norwegian special soldiers in a situation that immediately threatens Norway’s relationship with both neighboring countries and allies. With great credibility, Ørjan Karlsson depicts the dramatic hours which unfolds Mine 13’s secrets.

Secrets that can not be revealed without putting the nation at risk.