Doctor Tremor Harding, a middle aged, reknown laser researcher, resident in the small town Lagendonk- a place out of time and space- is a satisfied man.

His life has already had a considerable amount of pleasurable and interesting experiences he is thankful for- he can not think of more he wants to accomplish.
He thus has nothing to lose by putting life into a seemingly fatal experiment:

He will eat himself.

The experiment is performed in an optimistic, scientific and systematic spirit, and is both a one month long feast and a journey towards new realizations.

«Zero Plus» is an outrageous and at the same time fascinating novel – in other words, a book in the typical and intense Nygårdshaug style. Masterfully, the author combines the comical and the macabre, myth and science, play and logic.

Nygårdshaug plays an unpretencious game with our fixed image of the world and our existence

Bergens Tidende, Norway

Another strong encounter with a different author. Gert Nygårdshaug is describing a world that "hits you" and even the most unthinkable ending of a story seems quite natural to the reader. You think "Yes, of course."

AnnKristin´s Blogg, Norway

Thought provoking, fascinating, educational and beautiful novel...Still, many years later, I get a good feeling when I think of this book

Stella Magazine, Norway

Challenging, encouraging, enriching. Nullpluss confirms Gert Nygårdshaugs position as an authors originality that can not be matched.

Morgenbladet, Norway