Promemoria: How to create an archive of our memories

Who wouldn’t want to know the secret to keeping memories, from the objects we cherish to the most important moments of our lives? Who wouldn’t want to find again with ease the emotions contained in a letter that made us fall in love, or embedded in the ticket to an unforgettable concert?

It’s not just a question of order, but of method and familiarity with practices that have always been applied to the archives of companies, families and institutions.

Andrea Montorio, whose work has contributed to redefining the image of archives in Italy, guides us in reflecting on the meaning of remembering, on the concept of a personal memory and on the need to pass on what we want to remain of us to our children and those who will follow them.  He tells us about how to do it, but most importantly about why to do it, about the beauty of recounting ourselves and the way in which others will be able to read about us.

In nine narrative chapters, each one accompanied by simple, practical exercises, we will try to find the ingredient to transform memory into something living and vibrant. We will discover that every thing has its place: if a hat’s natural place is on a head and a treasure’s natural place is a safe, the natural place for “things that tell a story” is an archive. Promemoria teaches us how to make one all our own.