The Mediator

Sverre Fevang, Norway’s charismatic foreign minister, succeeded in what one thought impossible:

To mediate a new peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

Only one last, top secret meeting in the Egyptian coastal town of Sharm el Sheikh remains before the agreement can be signed.
But not everyone wants peace. Rapidly, the diplomatic triumph develops into a nightmare where the dividing line between friend and enemy is blurred.
Lieutenant Frank Halvorsen is responsible for the security of the foreign minister and finds himself in the center of these events. Suddenly a small number of Norwegian special soldiers is all that stands between Sverre Fevang and the ruthless enemy. And in the land of Pharaoh nothing is what it seems to be …
A thrilling thriller dangerously close to Norwegian reality.

Scarily relevant

Varden, 5/6, Norway

Exciting, intensive and based on reality. The plot is both logical and surprising

Haugesund Avis, Norway