Three Women

Debut published by Norwegian Gloria Forlag!

Maria has started looking back. She studies the choices she made, wondering about small and big events in her life and their consequences.
Especially when it comes to love, Maria ponders and reflects around why she chose and acted as she did. Her beloved one, that was never only hers, the replacement she took instead of him, and the student she finally settled with, who became the father of her child.
Maria discovers how events in her life are connected. She sees how the footprint of her strict grandmother and well meaning mother has influenced her, and the reader gets a small insight of the dramatic life both Marias mother and grandmother had as a result of a mystical grandfather described as a charlatan.

We follow Maria through her not so streamlined maneuvers and choices, always sensing the presence of her beloved one, Marias grandmother; the mothers sometimes demanding softness and Marias daughter Rakel.

With wit, humor, sharp observations, warmth and honesty, Mari Ann Augestad gives the reader a taste of a universe somewhere between Sally Rooney and Elena Ferrante, set in Norway.

Well written, tight and sprinkled with humor

Østlandets Blad, Norway

So elegant and delightfully written about three women who loves and hates men, and loves and hates each other! Finely tuned, about vulnerability, with a great atmosphere. Great stuff!!

Unni Lindell, author, Norway