White angel, Black night

To be published autumn 2018

On a dark and deserted road, smalltown lawyer Svend Foyn is exposed to a drivers’ nightmare. A girl in her night gown runs in front of Svend Foyns car and lands on his Jaguar’s armor while driving in a deserted area without phone coverage.

Svend Foyn manages to bring the girl quickly to the nearest hospital.

The girl survives, but does not talk. Nobody knows who she is or how she ended up at highway 35 a rainy night. The mystery brings Foyn on a dramatic journey, from inner Vestfold in Norway to Europe’s external borders.

A female teacher in search of justice and sense, a Norwegian Pakistani lawyer who knows too much, a gloomy Greek island with a refugee situation out of control- a dangerous place for the young and unprotected. Also for those trying to help…

And the fear of terror. Everything is connected, my friend. Or maybe not.
The case Svend Foyn gets involved in, turns out to have many and unforeseen branches and gives Svend more challenges than desired.

White Angel, Black Night is a stand alone novel in the series with small town lawyer Svend Foyn as the protagonist. As usual, Jan Mehlum forces the reader to stay with his book until the last page, mastering his genre like few other Norwegian crime authors.

Mehlum never spares the reader for the harsh reality, always making a plot that might as well have happened. But there is also humor and great entertainment, as always in his books.