Women of Quality

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María Hólm is an Icelandic volcanologist travelling by plane to Paris. On the other side of the aisle a woman with very long black hair is watching her approvingly. Next morning María Hólm spots the lady when she is having café au lait in her local bar. Who is this Donna, with the strange voice – ranging from soft to coarse? And what does she want with María Hólm – the lady who was returned by the glacier.In her new novel, Women of Quality, Steinunn Sigurðardóttir, takes her readers on an unexpected journey, distinguished with her best qualities: squealing irony, knife-sharp writing style, fiery humour, and a unique insight into the world of love and erotic.

A completely surprising novel: certainly, the themes touched are classic, at the heart of the thinking that drives many debates and conflicts, but Steinunn Sigurdardottir talks about it in an innovative and sometimes touching way by creating the character of Maria , woman in the grip of her doubts, her values and her desires, making us share her intimacy. A novel that can be read in one go, sometimes drawing a knowing smile on our lips, causing tears of emotion to flow down our cheeks, causing questions and reflections in us.

Zonelivre, France

Unique author

Le Monde, France

Joyful and unpretentious are the best qualifiers to characterize this psychodrama imagined by the Icelandic author. […] A feminist fable while smiling, with a discreetly sulphurous scent.

Notes bibliographique, France

This novel, full of humor and sarcasm, is very refreshing. […] Maitresses Femmes is much more than a novel, it is a work that is both poetic and deeply philosophical and that is really worth the hours of reading that you will devote to it.

Culture chronique, France