Immaterial Agents

Recent Sales – May 2021

Jan Mehlum Long Journey; White Angel, Black Night & Madrugada, sold to Storytel, Russia

Ragnhild EskelandKEEN, sold to OLGA, Denmark

Anne Lise Marstrand JørgensenMargrete I, sold to Sonzogno, Italy

Eva Tind – The Woman Who Joined Up the World, sold to Uitgeverij Oevers, Holland.

Øystein SkjælaaenGetting High and Why, sold to Hiperborea, Brazil

Wegard Harsvik & Ingvar SkjerveHomo Solidaricus: Confronting the Myth of Human Selfishness, sold to Hiperborea, Brazil

Kari HesthamarSo Long, Marianne: A Love Story, sold to Hiperborea, Brazil