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LEMON MOUNTAIN- new novel from Eva Tind

New novel from Eva Tind! Published by Gyldendal Denmark 3. May 2023:

LEMON MOUNTAIN is a wondrous place and a novel about losing your grip and regaining your balance. A story about love – the one you choose, the one you lose and the one that blossoms all by itself.

Sui leaves her husband without quite being able to explain why. When she receives a letter that her unknown grandfather has let her inherit a cabin on Lemon Mountain, she decides to travel from Denmark to Korea. Although Sui has her roots in the country, everything is foreign. Even the cabin feels uncomfortable, since the towering grandfather has sized it according to his own body. Can she even reflect herself in him when he is dead? Who is the man who seeks her out and claims they know each other? And why are there tiny peacock feathers in matchboxes in the fridge? When the cabin’s gardener is accused of arson and his daughter disappears, Sui is drawn into a family drama that anchors her to the mountain and puts her divorce in a different light.