Immaterial Agents

IMMA welcomes Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson

New collaboration for Immaterial Agents!

We are proud to represent TV/film rights for the Norwegian best-selling author and biologist, Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson.

Sverdrup-Thygeson’s books have been sold worldwide, including to countries such as the USA, England, Spain, China, Korea and Japan.

Anne’s Sunday Times bestseller Extraordinary Insects is among the works we are happy to include in our Film/TV catalogue

Little did I know that publishing a book five years ago would turn my life upside down and give me a unique opportunity to speak on behalf of all the millions of small and voiceless organisms with whom we share the globe. ┬áMy ambitious goal is to get “everyone” to love insects – and other small, shell-covered, slimy, sprouting, many-legged, incomparable diversity of species, says Sverdrup-Thygeson.