A Jew And His Land

Driven away from his farm and land by Norwegian Nazis and good Norwegians

Unknown and shocking story about a Jewish farmer who was persecuted by villagers.
A Jewish farmer lived in Vang in Valdres, Norway during the war. He and his family had not only been persecuted by the Germans, but both before and after the war also by the village.
Through accounts left behind and various document finds, the dramatic and painful story of Hans Salomon unfolds. The book documents the persecution of a Jewish farmer and his family, from 1939 to the present day.
Anti-Semitism in Norway did not end with the fall of Hitler and Quisling.

An important and good book (...) One cannot help but be captivated by Solbrekken's art of storytelling.

Dag og Tid, Norway

A harrowing tale of a Jewish family's fight against villagers with and without a swastika.

Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway 5/6 stars

This is probably one of the most insightful and vivid stories written about the life and fate of a Jewish family in Norway (...)The book is well edited and narrated

Bok365, 5/6 stars

...compelling and well written. Once you start reading, the book is hard to put down. It is strongly supported by all its sources, and the documentation is solid. The details will probably both surprise and shock many of those who choose to read the book

Avisa Valdres, Norway

Solbrekken gives us vital knowledge about ourselves, our history - and some very good advice for the way forward

Klassekampen, Book of the week, Norway

The author has completed a large and impressive work .... Her portrayal of tenacious trustees transforms the book from local history into an important contribution to understanding the greatest crime. For not only did the managers rob the Jews of their property and steal from the estates. Solbrekken documents in great detail that Norwegian banks failed their customers, breached confidentiality and their custodial responsibility. This is how Solbrekken sheds new light on that part of the Norwegian Holocaust - the so-called economic liquidation... But in addition, Solbrekken shows in the last part that the Holocaust in Norway is not over... "A Jew and his Land" is a shocking read and an extremely important new work.

Dagbladet, Norway

The story of how a small settlement forced out a Jewish family, and afterwards erased the traces, is shocking

Aftenposten, Norway