All Birds Fly into the Light

Awarded the 2022 Sparibollinn, Iceland’s Prize for the best description of love in literature.

Björt is a wanderer,  always on the outside, she mainly travels between places in Reykjavík, observes people and records what she sees. She rents a room in a shabby house with other people at a similar point in life and has a rigid routine. Everything is in place – until she meets Ólöf Brá… and subsequently receives a letter from her. Then, existence disintegrates and a story erupts; a friendship with Vera, toxic relationships with Steingrímur and Hálfdán – gradually an incredible and dramatic life is revealed.

Uncomfortably interesting [reading], stirring and provocative ... nothing beats ... memorable literature.

Gauti Kristmannsson in Víðsjá on Channel 1

"All Birds Fly into the Light" is a work that I think many will fall for. It is shocking and really moving and leaves the reader with countless thoughts about the book's characters and about their own (emotional) lives.

Ragnheiðar Birgisdóttur, Iceland, 4.5/5