Shortlisted for the bookseller awards

 2030: Planet earth is almost collapsing because of overpopulation; resources are not longer enough to feed everyone.

Norwegian zoologist and veterinarian Karl Iver Lyngvin is headhunted to CORAC, a research station in Congo´s rainforest where twenty other researchers engaged in studies on how the rainforest flora and fauna is affected by climate change. Along with the young Australian entomologist Zoe Wildt, Karl Iver has an experience leading to dramatic consequences. Not only for Karl Iver and Zoe, but for the entire planet’s future. A virus; «Chimera» is discovered; a dangerous weapon that is powerful enough to kill millions.

CORAC does all possible to keep the discovery secret- and a plan involving all humanity is being developed…

In Gert Nygårdshaugs novel «Chimera», indisputable facts and the author’s meticulous research has created suspense that is highly relevant. Chimera is a classic Nygårdshaug novel with strong thriller elements and with a topic that already in the near future could be grimly applicable.

Chimera is book four in Nygårdshaug´s series of stand alone Eco-thrillers starting with “Mengele Zoo”.

Chimera shows that Gert Nygårdshaug can still write across most genres.....Showing we are on the threshold of the sixth extinction- the first created by humans- of the planet cunningly

Torbjørn Oppedal, Morgenbladet

Environmentalist Gert Nygårdshaug has again succeeded with «Chimera», which has a grim and incredibly smart end

Cathrine Krøger, Dagbladet

A pulsating story, with a good flow and excellent language.
The theme fascinates the reader, making «Chimera» a novel hard to leave unfinished once opened

Kjetil Skotte, Oppland Arbeiderblad, 5/6

Eco thriller, which in a genious manner deals with over population, pollution wildlife extinction and the environmental issues humanity is facing

Litteratursiden, Denmark

Worth your time! Relevant and scary

Gyseren, Denmark

This novel can not be put aside as another exciting thriller, it´s more than that. Excellent cratfmanship by Nygårdshaug

Kulturkapellet, Denmark