The F-word is feminism.

The F-word is criticism.

The F-word is the belief that it is possible to create another world.

We generally perceive the “feminine” as inferior and subordinate to the “masculine”. Feminism criticizes this relationship and aims to raise the “feminine” so that people can achieve equality. This is the point of view in Sanne Søndergaard’s new book, the F-word, which uncovers the discrimination that women are exposed to, at home and in the labor market, in science and in history, in the media. The book provides a comprehensive overview of what feminism is and why it is needed more than ever.

The F-word is aimed at young and younger readers who are curious about what feminism is and who would like a proper argument the next time someone says: But there is a difference between men and women, so…

Sanne Søndergaard's new book on feminism is ambitious, funny and completely fearless communication at eye level.

Politiken, Denmark, 5 stars

The book is excellent. Well written, knowledgeable, in between wild, and always relevant

POV. international, Denmark