Fiasol and the little lion robbery

Storystone Award of IBBY
Book 4

This is a short picture book in colors that holds the untold story of the trip to Copenhagen with mom, grandma and the two sisters ( dad staying home taking care of the lazy lap-dogs) They stay in a room with Big-Stine RB&b. Big- Stine is a belly dancer at night and has a very colorful home. They cross the borders to Sweden and go to the reptile museum in Malmo. Fíasól steals a tiny little monkey ( called little lion’s Cebuella Pygmaea) or more invites it into her pocket as the small monkeys are roaming free in the museum. Her crime is discovered on the train on the way back to Big- Stína´s house. They return right before the park closes to give back the monkey, but end up being trapped in the park overnight where they meet gipsies and dance til the morning light.

Fiasol is beautifully written, the characters are endearing, and the character of Fiasol in particular is captivating…We are…very happy for the opportunity to introduce the Israeli reader to the fascinating and special Icelandic literature and culture.

Michal Bloom, Accquiring Editor, Sifriat Poalim, Israel

The stories are exceptionally fun and educational

5/5 stars, Morgunbladid, Iceland