Fíasól, the accidental troublemaker

Book 1 in the series

Storystone Award of IBBY

Full English translation available

Fiasol is a seven-year old girl with a mind of her own who gets into all sorts of exciting adventures and sometimes into trouble.

The big universal battles of a kid’s everyday. Fíasol gets tantrums over what to wear, leaves home in the middle of the night and catches her first fish. She tackles her horribly messy room by selling stuff by the supermarket and tries to find a sport that suits her. She also moves out and into a shed with her best friend Ingo, only to realize that she still needs her parents. Each chapter is an independant story, suitable for a bedtime story.

The stories are exceptionally fun and educational

5/5 stars, Morgunbladit, Iceland

Fiasol is beautifully written, the characters are endearing, and the character of Fiasol in particular is captivating…We are…very happy for the opportunity to introduce the Israeli reader to the fascinating and special Icelandic literature and culture.

Michal Bloom, Accquiring Editor, Sifriat Poalim, Israel