Winner of the prestigious Campiello award, 2017

If at thirteen, the people you had until then called “Mom” and “Dad” return you – without much explanation – to your family of origin, you question what your place is in the world. And above all, where to search for the answer.

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There are novels which touch such deep, fundamental chords that they seem to call us by name. From the very first page, this is what happens in L’Arminuta, when the protagonist, holding a suitcase in one hand and a bag of shoes in the other, rings the doorbell of an unfamiliar door. It is opened by her sister Adriana, with smudgy eyes and messy braids. They have never seen each other before.
This is the beginning of the explosive and fascinating story of a young girl who, from one day to the next, loses everything – a comfortable home, her best friends, the unconditional affection of her parents. Or better, of the people she thought were her parents. They tell her that her real family is a different one and that the time has come to take her back to them because her original parents want her back. But is this really true?
Thus begins a new and very different life for the “Arminuta” (the “Returned”), as her schoolmates call her with the cruel precision of children.


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