The globe is in deep crisis. There are blazes, large forest fires raging, and there is not a drop of rain from the sky. Everywhere there are desperate people on the run, who are kept at a distance up by barbed wire fences, sticks and rifles.

Only one place remains idyllic. It is a nameless little village that, strangely enough, is blessed with adequate doses of rain. There the 800 inhabitants live in peace and tolerance, until a great danger threatens.

The agency, the state, the hierarchy and the mighty ally are looking for this village. They want to find the cause of the strange weather phenomenon. The methods they use are relentless.

This title adds to the narrative tradition Nygårdshaug is best known for, and is often associated with names in Southern European or Latin American literature, where the form of the fable contains social criticism and philosophical issues. .

Well done, witty and subtle

Dagbladet, Norway

Another energetic fable

Lierposten, Norway

Nuances in the narrative gives it depth and makes it dynamic, and who can avoid being entrenched by a society based on sharing economy, love for well prepared food and drinks, and where there are no rules other than being kind and straightforward?

Adressa, Norway

Nygårdshaug's ecophilosophical hypothesis is that virtues such as care, tolerance and empathy positively affect nature and stimulate our entire living environment.

Nature and human nature are intimately connected and constitute a kind of collective organic consciousness in the service of potential good (...) stimulating perspectives

Aftenposten, Norway

A political novel and a fairytale (...) Nygårdshaug has created a playful, quirky and engaging book

5/6, Hamar Arbeiderblad, Norway

The author has created a fable, a kind of unreal story, which in its naive language points to the simple and a child’s world. This is the strength. Lurking under this surface a darker reality unfolds (...) Nature and the environment are the main issues in this book as in many of his other works. Reading him is pure joy

Kulturspeilet, Norway