Soft as Metal

Shortlisted for the Riverton award, Norway

The financial analyst Håvard Gabrielsen is found murdered, by shots to the head, in the offices of the leading investment bank in Oslo. Milo Cavalli is an investigator in the financial crimes’ unit, but also a college friend of the victim. His hunt for the truth among shady transactions, investors and lawyers puts both him and his family in danger. It becomes evident that powerful forces will do anything to prevent Milo from solving the murder case.

Soft as Metal is a story about greed, double standards and the influential weapons industry in the otherwise peaceful Norway.

In his first novel Skredderberget has chosen a challenging topic, and at the same time created a warm and sympathetic main character. The writing is good and it’s an easy transport to read the 315 pages

Moss Avis, Norway

This year's best crime debut!

Sandefjords Blad, Norway

Ambitious and successful

Dagbladet, Norway

Skredderberget has an insight into business and the financial world (…) which is unusual in Norwegian crime novels

Dagens Næringsliv, Norway

Original and sympathetic main charater, original framework and timely about Norwegian finance and arms export industry

Jury, Riverton Award, Norway

Exciting, captivating and quite humorous crime takes us behind the scenes in the secret worlds of stockbroking companies and the arms industry

Litteratursiden, Denmark