Green Island

The Green Island is a touching and timely novel by one of Norway’s most beloved authors.

Few Norwegian authors have as large and loyal readers as Gert Nygårdshaug. Through a number of books, he has consolidated his position as the author who perhaps most strongly takes responsibility for the increasingly acute climate crisis. The serious theme is combined, as always, with humor, excitement and fascinating knowledge about Mother Earth.

In the novel The Green Island, we meet the self-taught marine scientist Hans Zolon. Zolon leaves the parched vineyards by Lake Constance. He walks out to sea, he wants to see if there is hope for the future. On a deserted beach, something happens that will completely change Hans Zolon’s lonely mission. He is given a task he has no idea how to solve. It concerns the life of a newborn child.

... an intensely exciting depiction of two people on the brink of a climate catastrophe (...) We are not hurt by seriousness, if the standard is so high and the theme as important as here

Vårt Land, Norway

A poetic, apocalyptic fable

Adresseavisen, Norway