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The story takes place in an unnamed city in an unnamed country. A bizarre hole appears where once there was a church. The inhabitants of the village are troubled by it. And they find no comfort in the secrecies of the authorities. At the same time even scarier events unfold: time begins to flow abnormally. When it is five o’ clock to one person, it may be three o’ clock to another, and eleven o’clock to a third. What happens to communication when time collapses?

The Horologist is written in a storytelling tradition commonly associated with writers of the southern European or Latin American traditions in which the fable’s subtext is infused with cultural commentary and everyman’s philosophic quandaries.

Gert Nygårdshaug balances knowledge and fantasy beautifully in his new novel


Gert Nygårdshaug writes charmingly, humorously and thought‐provoking


Nygårdshaug is a wise author, who in a playful way creates – as if by magic – modern fables, where colorful flights of fancy and accurate knowledge of exotic topics tend to unite

Stavanger Aftenblad

Klokkemakeren is a warm and charming story. Or rather a fable – like Nygårdshaug does at his best

VG, 5/6

Klokkemakeren shows Gert Nygårdshaug at his most playful and inspiring

Hamar Arbeiderblad

Gert Nygårdshaug has shaped a new, little pearl about impossible and unmentionable conditions