The Obvious

Where Moe’s debut Restless was about being stuck, The Obvious is about trying to break free.

A young man experiments with psychedelic drugs to break out of his static state of mind and restart life.

The novel comes from the inside of the drug experience, as a journalized self-observation.

” I’m almost bumping into the dusty word of God, which only shows that even when you stretch sense to the utmost, in a desperate attempt to find something completely new and different, you’ll find just another foolishness, one finds a cosmic foolishness, yes, the utmost foolishness … one finds God- in other words you do not find anything. “

The Obvious depicts a journey into the forest and at the same time a journey into the narrator itself, where the distinction between forest and itself is becoming less sharp. The result is an honest and sometimes very humorous prose, where an autobiographical I is dissolving for the reader.



Actually, fiction is the opposite of philosophy. Fiction feeds the mind with shape through stories. Thinking of abstract thoughts has been the domain of philosophy.
But then Kenneth Moe comes! (...) For this sobering will of self acknowledgement, the author was, fully deserved, honored with Tarjei Vesaas' debutant award for his previous book Restless.

NRK (national broadcasting) Norway

5/6: Moe´s future readers have a lot of joy coming

Aftenbladet, Norway