The Value of Rest – and what we gain from refrain

We live in a society where stress is a public disease and where action, work and constant activity is supposed to solve everything for us. The Value of Rest – and what we gain from refrain –  is a personal and multifaceted book about NOT doing anything in the best possible way. 
Research shows that when we learn to step out of the hustle and bustle, the grass will become greener, the quality of the wine improves and the orgasm can be enjoyed more deeply.
Not to mention that we become more generous, more productive and more intelligent when we rest, so there is no doubt that rest is worthwhile. 
So why don’t we manage to stop?
Siw Aduvill takes us through brain research and floating thoughts, everyday life and refugee camps, yoga, sex and wine tasting in this entertaining, educational and wise book about the simplest and most difficult of all: doing nothing.

An important and universal message

Fevennen, Norway

Aduvill conveys old and new knowledge from physiology, biology and biochemistry and thoroughly examines how our nervous system works (...) The strenght of this book is the self-help it offers in a fair, green light

Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway

The Value of Rest is a thought-provoking critique of modern life and the competitive and performance society that makes too many people physically and mentally ill, while showing that there is a way to the good life if we are brave enough to forgo success, career and full speed in all facets of life.

Per H Jacobsen, editor, EC Edition Denmark

What a great book. Well-written and well-researched. This book cuts through the noise and crazyness of modern life and pushes you to slow down and reflect. I have a long list of friends I will insist on reading it

Asle Skredderberget, author, Norway

This book has changed my life. "The Value of Rest" has changed my perspectives on both the society surrounding me and how I take care of myself.

Hilde Østby, author, Norway

The book is both well written and well structured, and it is an important guide and reminder to bring calm back to life. As a giant exclamation point, it makes one stop and think about how one lives in one's everyday life, what is important and what it takes to create quality, life and tranquility in what is rushing past, what is real is one's life, Denmark