Shortlisted for the Icelandic Women’s Literature Prize 2021
Winner: Reykjavík Children’s Book Award 2022

Grandma Fló dies on Lucky’s thirteenth birthday.

So, she needs to escape the basement apartment where she lives with granny and Stina, an addict surrounded by the “creatures of darkness”. Lucky dreams of taming dolphins and reaching Benidorm, where she and granny Flo spent time together. Grandma Fló made other plans for Lucky before she passed away, but Lucky is determined to take control of her own life and escape her grandma ́s plans. It’s not easy because she attracts mysterious forces….

Untamed is a story of a search of security, love and origins. It is about family ties that can be found in most unexpected circumstances. What is home and how do we find it?

Kristín Helga is one of the most popular writers in Iceland and her books have received numerous  awards and nominations

Kristín Helga is a long established author of children´s literature alongside fiction for adults. In this book she manages to make use of her unique narrative magic, characters are solid and yet have complex layers, the chain of events is unexpected and magical with a flair for the supernatural. Descriptions of childhood experience of living in difficult circumstances of disorder and chaos are painful and at the same time the author draws a charming picture of the simple life on the farm..."Untamed" is a charming story of pain, recovery and resurrection that stays with the reader long after they finish reading it.

Brynhildur Björnsdottir

Untamed is one of those books you have to keep reading once you've started, a real page-turner. It deals with urgent social issues, focusing on children's rights and the need for safety, love and care. Not just caring for people, but for the environment as well. The narrative is fast and lively. The characters are clearly drawn and believable, some very colourful, but none are completely good or completely bad. Highly recommended.

Björg Árnadóttir, translator.